Wednesday, June 29, 2011

herb garden.

I want a dog, but this isn't about a dog. There is a running joke in our house that before I get a dog, I have to practice by keeping a garden without killing the plants. Then the dog will be practice for kids, but that's something else entirely. I baby my plants. I talk to them. I pet them (practice for a dog, remember?). The oils get on my fingers, then I smell of mint and basil and oregano and lavender. All good smells.

The mint is passed along from my mom. The boxwood basil was on clearance for $2, unwanted and in need of a good home. The smaller basil and oregano were grown from seed, the packets of which were a Christmas present. And the lavender was also a present from a different friend at a later time (from LaTech's farm, a source of cheap, good plants; if you live near a university that has a farm for the ag students, go forth and get good local products!).

I wonder if all of this means I can scratch "grow an herb garden" off my New Year's Resolution list? James says no, that it only counts until I harvest from the small basil and oregano and until the lavender blooms.

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