Friday, July 15, 2011

new orleans ice cream company.

Did I say New Orleans Ice Cream Company? Oh, pardon me, but I meant only the Best Ice Cream Ever. Really. I always say that in describing this ice cream, and I always tack on the end that it really is. And I've been to Italy and had the gelato there. This is better. It's labeled "Ultra Premium Ice Cream," and the ingredients back up that claim ( does the price. It's a little over $4 for a pint.) A pint lasts for two weeks in my house because it's so good that you don't have to eat that much.

James and I first had it on our honeymoon in New Orleans, buying a pint of coffee and chicory in a corner Rouse's in the French Quarter and eating the entire thing between us. Hey, it was our honeymoon. We also drank an entire bottle of champagne between us at one point.

But the ice cream. We could only buy it in South Louisiana, so we'd stock up whenever we'd visit James's family, buying two pints and taking it up to the northern part of the state in insulated bags so we'd have it at home in Ruston.

And then our specialty food store in town started carrying it. It would have been the highlight of the month if James hadn't also gotten into grad school that month. And then our grocery store started carrying it this month.

But we're moving in two months. We're enjoying it while we can, because even though we know that Seattle is going to have some really good food, they're not going to have New Orleans Ice Cream Company and the food culture of New Orleans that those ice cream flavors represent.

Our favorite flavors? Coffee and Chicory (first choice) and White Chocolate Bread Pudding (second choice).


  1. Hi Janelle

    Many thanks for the kind comments.
    Shoot us an email at and we will make sure you have some New Orleans Ice Cream in your new home in Seattle.


  2. Funny story: we had a going away party last week to say goodbye to our friends as we were moving out, but we also told them to bring ice cream for an ice cream social type thing. We bought 2 pints to share, but our friends also brought 2 pints of New Orleans Ice Cream Co. because they knew we liked it so much.

    Thanks for the comment!