Friday, September 2, 2011


This is what my life looks like right now, and has been for the past three or so weeks. We had a crazy moving schedule that included uHaul trucks, shipping containers, spending two weeks out of carry-on bags, couch surfing at friends' and families' houses, and finally flying 2,600 miles away from our last home. Add a wedding in there somewhere, too.

We said our good-byes.... to our first home, to my sprouted window box and plants, to our lovely neighbors, to our friends. Now we're saying hello to Seattle. (Gosh, my legs are tired from walking this city... and it's hills!) I'm in the midst of learning how to grocery shop with a higher standard of living and learning how to find some furniture for our new apartment that isn't IKEA, Target, Big Box Store of Your Choice, etc., etc.

p.s. I will admit something embarrassing to you: my Southern accent comes out real bad when I say "hill." Even if I'm trying really hard, it sometimes comes out "heel." Facepalm, indeed.

p.p.s. Posting may be sporadic... I have no camera right now... well, I have a cell phone camera. We'll see.

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