Monday, September 12, 2011

earworm: "Within Our Darkest Night"

James and I have been attending Church of the Apostles since we've move to Seattle, and the Eucharist service last night followed the traditions of Taizé. We came home revived. The music and service was a balm to our souls and to our ragged emotions that have been all over the place since moving and settling in and trying to make our way in a city we're falling in love with but that we're not sure loves us back. (Unlike New Orleans, which seems to have unseasonably beautiful weather every single time we visit.)

The song that has stuck with me through last night and this grey morning is "Within Our Darkest Night." The lyrics are simple, repetitive, and sink into you. "Within our darkest night, you kindle a fire that never dies away, never dies away." It reminded me of my God, who, even in the darkest night of the soul, is still with me. I need that right now, so I put this song on repeat. It is my prayer.

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