Monday, October 24, 2011

earwoms: Jacob Golden, Baaba Maal, and Ghostland Observatory

Three songs I can't get out of my head:

A song that evokes fall, when the air is crisp and leaves turn brown and blow against the sidewalk, crackle-crunch under your feet. Put it on a playlist next to Patrick Wolf's "Land's End" or George's "Track Through The Woods."

"Television" -Baaba Maal feat. Sabina Sciubba
Has a tripping, babbling brook sort of melody (like Ali Farka Touré-- that's the traditional African sounds coming through from the Senegalese singer) with shimmy-shake beats reminiscent of the Brazilian samba school songs.

Sounds like a black-glitter Goldfrapp with a Mika who decided to be a full-blown rock star. The Austin band often gets compared to Daft Punk, but they decidedly have their own sound. I haven't gotten into the rest of their music, but this song? Make sure you save it for your Halloween dance party.

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