Friday, December 2, 2011

beginning to look a lot like christmas.

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It finally is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, now that it's December and everyone around me is allowing themselves to get ready for the holiday. Me? I squeal like a little kid, fists balled up in excitement at the thought, and I was thinking of plots and plans for my holiday before Thanksgiving, all to be enacted the day after. Black Friday is a part of my Christmas tradition-- not to go shopping, but to put up the tree, string lights, hang ornaments, and listen to Christmas music. This year, though, I didn't do these things with my mom, as we have for years, but gleefully and a little homesickly with James. I admit that I glomped him a couple of times on the way to get the tree at Hunter Tree Farms. I couldn't contain myself as we bought a tiny 2-ft tree and carried it home on the bus.

It really is “the most wonderful time of the year”… so many things delight me at Christmastime. The way red & green traffic lights seem like they’re joining in the festivities, the way an orange suddenly smells like Christmas & brings to mind stocking-toes stuffed with walnuts & oranges, the way a house decorated for the holidays feels like it’s hugging you the entire time you’re indoors, the way cold weather & grey skies don’t seem dreary at all but like the perfectly appropriate backdrop for a holly jolly world… the way shopping becomes invigorating & even thrilling as you find the perfect gifts for loved ones and all closets hold secrets until the big day! The way advent candles and nativity scenes remind me of the solemn, beautiful Christmas story and how an innocent baby Jesus was born to save us all for God’s cherishing. Christmas cards & holiday movies & Christmas music & gift wrapping & Christmas parties & getting more and more and more excited to load up the car and travel to be with beloved family for lifelong traditions!
My friend Stephanie put it so well. Happy Holidays, dear reader, and Merry Christmas. I hope December is full of twinkling lights, joy, sparkle, and warmth.


  1. Not to completely miss the point, but the main thing I got from this post was the word "glomp"! Never ever heard it before, so I'm glad you linked to it. I glomp Jay ALLLL the time! Glad to know the word for it now! -S

  2. Steph, considering that you wrote the paragraph I quoted, I think you don't need any help in getting the point. :D