Saturday, January 7, 2012

earworm: Palo Santo.

Shearwater is getting more buzz with their upcoming release of Animal Joy, a departure from their previous three albums (which were self-dubbed the Island Arc albums). I caught on to the Austin band, thanks to NPR's first listen, at the end of that arc, when The Golden Archipelago was released. As promised by the reviews, The Golden Archipelago was epic, grandiose and delicate, but the band is also capable of restraint.

Thanks to the buzz, I'm rediscovering Shearwater, starting from the very beginning. Their oldest music is not congruent with the sounds from The Golden Archipelago (my standard since that was my entry point into their music), but once you get to Palo Santo, the first album of the Island Arc, things start sounding familiar. Singer Jonathan Meiburg hits his stride vocally with the expressive tenderness that brings credence to Shearwater's epic sound.

This is the song stuck in my head, although it really feels like it's in my whole body. Palo Santo (the song) has a watery melody that makes me want to drown in it.

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