Wednesday, June 19, 2013

earworm: Song of Songs

Andrew Rose Gregory, probably better known as one of the Gregory Brothers from "Auto-Tune the news"¹, made this album in 2011 with The Color Red Band after "long drives, longer walks, love letters, and a trip to Central America."²

What I find refreshing about this album is its portrayal of love and marriage. It's so old-school it's new again-- no uh-uh-umbrellas, no cheating, no clubs, but a flower-twined bower, a love better than wine, and a fevered-passion for your beloved. I can't help but think of the love I feel for my own husband, something so often seems to be glossed-over in favor of being in love for the moment instead of the deeper kind of love it takes to last a lifetime. It's so heart-felt; I find it unbearably romantic.

Sounds like: accessible male-female harmonies and a folk-rock arrangement that hits just the right tones of romantic and nostalgic.³

1 The Gregory Brothers are of the "hide yo kids, hide yo wife" fame.
2 From his website.
3 Like Fleet Foxes? Give this a listen.

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